Program Schedule for Parallel Session: Renewable and Sustainable Energy

 29th July Venue- MU-Hall

Time Program/ Activity Presenter Moderator(s) Rapporteurs
08:30-08:50 Opening Speech Invited Guest Dr. Mulu Bayray. /
09:00-09:10 Program Overview and expected Outputs Dr. Gebrekidan G.
09:10-09:40 Tigrai Energy Landscape: Present status quo, Plans and Existing working Regulations Agency Head Dr. Chalachew M.
09:45-10:05 Solar Energy (Solar PV + Solar Thermal) and Derivatives Mr. Ashenafi W.

Dr. Zebib Yenus

10:10-10:25 Wind Energy and Derivatives Dr. Ftwi Yohannes
10:30-10:45 Health Break Organizing Committee


Expert Discussants Dr. Mulu Bayray

Dr. Yohannes

Dr. Tsadik K.

Dr. Teklemariam T. Mr. Mulugeta A.
11:05-12:30 Interactive Discussion Participants
14:00-14:20 Bio-Energy  nd Derivatives Dr. Chalachew M. Dr. Tesfalidet G.
14:20-14:40 Waste-to-Energy Conversion and Derivatives Dr. Chalachew M. Mr. Mulugeta A.


Discussants/Experts Dr. Tesfalidet  G/gergis

Dr. Asfafaw H/silassie

15:00-16:30 Interactive Discussion Participants
16:30-16:45 Health Break Organizing Committee
16:45-17:00 Hydropower Dr. Asfafaw D. Dr. Fitwi Y. TBA


Expert Discussants Dr. Leake E.



Interactive Discussion Participants
Program Schedule for Parallel Session: Renewable and Sustainable Energy

 30th July Venue- MU-Hall

09:00-09:20 Conventional Oil, Gas, Oil shell Eng. Abrham B. Dr. Zebib Y. TBA
09:20-10:00 Interactive discussion All Audiences //
10:00-10:15 Health Break Organizing Committee
10:15-10:30 RE Energy Management and Efficiency Dr. Teklemariam T. Dr. Kiros G. TBA
10:30-10:50 REs Financing Mechanisms/Models Mrs. Evan A. // //
10:50-11:05 Creating Energy literacy society in Tigray, Technology transfer, Capacity building, and Administration in the Energy Sector Dr. Gebrekidan G. // //
11:05-11:15 Expert Discussants Dr. Samson Y.

Dr. Merhawi A.

11:15-12:30 Interactive Discussion All Audiences //
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break Organizing Committee
14:00-16:00 Identifying Key/Prioritized  Deliverables/Projects ” All Audiences Dr. Chalachew/Dr. Gebrekidan G. TBA
16:00-16:15 Health Break Organizing Committee
16:15:18:00 Identifying Key/Prioritized  Deliverables/Projects ” Participants Dr. Mulu B./Dr. Tesfalidet G. Dr. Ftwi Y.