Program Schedule for Parallel Session

 Manufacturing, Investment, Business Development and Mineral Resources

SUNDAY, 29th JULY 2019 Venue- MU-Hall

Time Program/ Activity Presenter/Discussants Moderator(s)) Rapporteur(s)
08:30-08:40 Opening/Introductory session Invited Guest

Dr. Abraham Tekeste

Dr. Mulu Gebreyesus


Dr. Temesgen Berhane

Dr. Mulualem Gebregergis

08:40-08:55 Program Overview and expected outputs Dr. Gebrekidan
08:55-09:25 Tigrai Manufacturing, investment and Mineral Resources: present status Quo, plan and existing regulations Dr. Mebrahtu Meles
09:25-09:45 Industrial Finance Corporation for Tigrai Dr. Abrar Fitwi
09:45-10:00 Discussants/experts Dr. Gebrehiwot A.

Dr. Atakilty

Mr. Daniel Assefa

10:00-10:40 Interactive discussion Participants.
10:40-11:00 Health Break Organization Committee
11:00-11:20 Supporting the implementation of investment and export commission of Tigrai Dr. Berihu Assefa Dr. Kidanemariam B


11:20-11:35 Discussants/experts Dr. Zaid Negash

Dr. Kelali Adhana

11:35-12:20 Interactive Discussion Participants
12:20-14:00 Lunch Break Organization Committee
14:00-14:20 Managing Mineral Resources of Tigrai Dr. Solomon G.


Dr. Miruts Hagos TBA


14:20-14:35 Discussants/experts Dr. Kassa Amare

Mr. Kiros Negash


Dr. Mulu/Dr. Berihu
14:35-15:15 Interactive Discussion


15:15-15:35 Technologies for Improving Traditional Harvesting methods in Tigrai Mr. Abraham W/Silassie Dr. Major Riesom Weldegergis


15:35-15:50 Discussants/experts Dr. Solomon G/her

Dr. Hailekiros Sibhato


15:50-16:30 Interactive Discussion Participants
16:30-16:45 Health Break Organizing Committee
16:45–17:05 Collective Diaspora Investment in productive sectors Dr. Maru Aregawi Dr. Berihu Assefa


17:05–17:20 Discussants/experts Dr. Kidanemariam B

Mr. Gebremedhin G


17:20-18:00 Interactive discussion Participants

Manufacturing, Investment, Business Development and Mineral Resources

08:30-08:50 Maximizing Employment from Investment and Economic Growth in Tigray Mr. Mekonnen Tesfay Dr. Girmay Tesfay TBA
08:50-09:05 Discussants/experts Dr. Abdelkadir Kedir

Dr. Shishay Amare

Dr. Kinfe Tsegay

09:05-09:45 Interactive discussion Participants
09:45-10:05 Special talk/lecture on selected issues Mr. Newai Gebreab. Dr. Abrar Fitwi TBA
10:05-10:20 Discussants/experts Dr. Mulu Ketsela

Dr. Tadese G.


10:20-10:35 Health Break Organizing Committee
10:35:11:15 Interactive Discussion Participants TBA
11:15-12:30 Identifying Key Prioritized deliverables (Wrap-up of all sessions) Participants Dr. Mulu Gebreyesus

Dr. Berihu Assefa

12:30-14:00 Lunch Break Organizing Committee
14:00-16:00 Discussion on Key Recommendations and outcomes Presenters Discussants & sector offices Dr. Berihu/Dr. Mulu TBA
16:30-16:45 Health Break Organizing Committee
16:45-19:00 Discussion on  Key recommendations and outcomes continued Dr. Berihu/Dr. Mulu TBA