Land restoration, Natural resources management and Climate change

“Towards creating Green, Sustainable and Productive Landscapes in Tigray”

SUNDAY, 29th-30th JULY 2019  Venue: MU-Hall – 4
Time Program/ Activity Presenter/


Moderator(s) Rapporteur(s)
08:30-08:50  Registration Organizing Committee    


Program Overview and expected Outputs Dr Aster Gebrekirstos


Prof. Emiru Berhane


Mr. Kinfe Mezgebe

Mr. Gebrehiwot Hailemariam




Opening Speech Invited Guest

Prof.  Kindeya Gebrehiwot

09:10-09:40 Tigrai natural resource management and land restoration: opportunities and challenges Mr.  Kiflom Abbadi
09:45-10:20 Global Trends & Experiences in Land Restoration, Natural Resources Management : lessons learned, Viable Approaches in View of Tigrai Dr. Aster Gebrekirstos


10:20-10:45 Health Break Organizing Committee Mr. Kinfe Mezgebe

Mr. Gebrehiwot Hailemariam




Expert and farmers Discussants

How to address the challenges related to

Incentive, Information, investment, Institution

Dr Debalkew Berhe

Mr. Aba Hawi

Mrs. Haregu

Prof. Emiru Berhane


11:05-12:30 Interactive Discussion

and summary of action points

12:30-13:50 Lunch Break Organizing committee
Part II: Approaches for creating Green, Sustainable and  productive Landscapes
14:00-14:20 Creating Commercial nurseries, tissue cultures, plantations and woodlands and creating value chains Dr. Debesay Senbetu check his father’s name

Mr.  Hiluf add father’s name

Mr.  Niguse Hagazi

Mr. Hagos Mohammed

Mr. Kinfe Mezgebe

Mr. Gebrehiwot Hailemariam


14:20-14:40 Towards transforming degraded Mountains into job opportunities and water towers

(Is Area closure the only option)


Prof Emiru Berhane

Mr.  Belete Tafere

Dr. Abadi/Girmay

Mr. Desta G/Michael

Prof. Mitiku Haile




Restoring Agricultural lands, Gullies

And home steads for multiple benefits and services

Dr. Sara Teweldebirhan

Dr. Eyasu Abrha

Dr G/her G/Yohannes

15:00-16:30 Interactive discussion Participants
16:30-16:45 Health Break Organizing Committee


Summary of Key prioritized deliverables  per sub thematic areas from Day one

·       Landscape based rehabilitation Mountain, Agriculture, homestead rehabilitation

·       Commercial forestry, Privatization of state nurseries



Prof. Emiru Berhane



Nigusse Hagazi



Dr. Kidane Giday

Dr. Aster Gebrekirstos


Mr. Kinfe Mezgebe

Mr. Gebrehiwot Hailemariam


PARALLEL SESSION-E [30th JULY]:Land restoration and Climate change
09:00-09:20 Climate change                adaptation and mitigation Dr. Amanuel Zenebe

Dr Aster Gebrekirstos

Dr Debalkew Berhe


Mr. Desta G/Michael

Mr. Muez

09:20-10:00 Interactive discussion Participants
10:00-10:25 Health Break Organizing Committee


Environmental protection policy instruments Dr Debalkew Berhe


Dr Debalkew Berhe


Mr. Desta G/Michael

Mr. Muez



Expert Discussants Dr Asemelash Berhane

Mrs Aster Asgedom

11:15-12:30 Interactive Discussion Participants
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break Organizing Committee
14:00-16:00 Identifying Key/Prioritized Deliverables/Projects”

·       creating green parks, green homesteads and waste management in Urban Area

·       Establishing Environment Groups :in Rural and Urban Areas

·       Creating climate resilient villages (energy efficient)

Participants Dr Amanuel Zenebe

Dr. Asmelash

 Mr. Emnet Negash

Mr. Hailemariam Meaza

16:00-16:15 Health Break Organizing Committee