(TGC) -2019)



28thof July-1stof August 2019

Mekelle, Tigrai, Ethiopia



“Quo Vadis Tigrai”?

(ትግራይ ካበይ ናበይ)


Gender Equality Strategic Proposal For Action                                                      (GESPA)







29-30 July 2019

Time Program/ Activity Presenter/Discussants Moderator(s)/Chair(s) Rapporteur(s)
Moderator: Ms. Hidiyat Raya

·       Welcoming remarks

·       Brief overview of the findings of the study

·       Introduction of the two days program  and expectations from Grand conference ;

1st speaker, Dr. Yetmwork:

·       to give a brief welcome message

·       to invite H.E. Yalem Tsegay, Minister of Gender to the podium to deliver her speech

H.E. Yalem Tsegay

·       To invite H.E. Dr. Debretsion, Deputy Premier Tigray State to deliver his speech and to officially open the meeting


08:45-09:15 Report on Tigray Gender Equality Strategies, Plans and Existing Working Regulations, its implementation and challenges Dr. Yetmwork  Ms. Hidiyat Raya Organizers
GSTS’s “Strategic Proposals for Action” Presentation: Violence Against Women , Female Enrollment in STEM, Gender Empowerment in Tigrai
9:15-9:25 Documentary Video      
09:25-09:45 Violence Against Women in Tigray and its consequences Ms. Fanaye Solomon Dr. Abeba (AAU) Hidiyat Raya Organizers
9:45- 9-55 Keynote panelist Dr. Fana Hagos

Dr. Abeba (AAU)

Mrs. Elizabeth Yihdego Gebresilassie

9:55- 10:15 Panel Discussion ALL TBD  
10:15- 10:30 Health Break ALL    
10:30     – 11     :00 Q&A ALL    
11:00-11:30     – 11:15 Women Political Empowerment           Dr.  Makda Maru Dr. Fana Hagos TBA
11:30     -11:4     5 Keynote panelist H.E. Fetlework Gebregziabher, Minister      of Trade and Industry Dr. Fana Hagos  
11:4     5- 12     : 0     5 Discussants/Experts Ms.       Aregash Adane

Bitona Representatives

Kidane Amene

Wintana Tekeste

Liya Kasa (Head of communication)

Dr. Fana Hagos TBA
12     :0     5- 12:20 Interactive Discussion Participants Dr. Fana Hagos TBA
12:20-14:00 Lunch Break LOC    
14:00-14:20 Economic Empowerment Dr.      Makda Maru          Ms.  Haben TBA
14:20-14:30 Keynote panelist Prof. Dr. Fetien Abay

Dr. Abraham Tekeste

Beriha Commercial Bank)

Dr. Yeshi (AAU)

Mrs. Aster Asgedom

Dr. Mekonenn (Ethiopian civil Service)

        Ms.Haben ? TBA
14:30- 14:50 Panel Discussion Organizing Committee    
14:50- 15:20 Interactive Discussion Participants                   Haben      ? TBA
15:20- 18:00        


08:30-9:00 Documentary Participants     Ms.  Hidiyat Raya TBA
9:00-9:20: Speech / Presentation on the Status of STEM Representative from BoE Education    
9:20- 9:35: STEM – Findings from Higher Institutions Dr. Gebreab Barnabas Ms. Hidiyat Raya TBA
935-9:45 SETM – Female Enrollment in Higher Institutions of Tigray Nigisti Ayele    
9:45- 9:55 Keynote panelist Mesebo / Mesfin / MU/ Ms. Hidiyat  Raya TBA
9:55-10:15 Discussants/Experts Dr. Hagos Tesfay

Dr. Tsega Berhane

Dr. Muzey  (Aksum University)

Ms. Eleny (PhD student at AAU)

Ms. Hidiyat Raya  
10:15- 10:30 Health Break      
10-30- 11:30 Interactive Discussion All Audience                  Ms. Hidiyat Raya TBA