MONDAY 29th JULY 2019

Biotechnology Thematic area: Biotechnology as Future Economic Engine for Tigray

Time Program Activity Presenter/Discussants Moderator(s) Rapporteur(s)
8:00-8:30 Registration Organizing committee    
8:30-8:40 Program Overview and expected Outputs Hagos Mohammedseid Dr. Gebremeskel Mamo


Drs. Hailay Mehari

Mr. Bruh Asmelash


Mr. Tesfakiros Semere

08:40-9:00 Opening speech Invited Guest: Professor Fetien Abay
9:00-9:10 Global and National Status of Biotechnology Dr. Teklehaimanot Hailessilassie
9:10-9:20 Briefing on Status of Biotechnology  in Tigray Mr. Micheale Yifter
9:20-9:35 Expert discussants Mr. Haftay Abadi

Dr. Alganesh Tessema

Dr. Girmay Hailu

9:35-10:05 Interactive discussion
10:05-10:35 Health Break Organizing Committee
10:35-11:00 Strategic issues and action plans on Agricultural Biotechnology for Tigray Mr. Bruh Asmelash

Mr. Hagos Mohamedseid

Dr. Beyene Dimtsu


Dr. Gebremeskel Mamo



Mr. Tesfakiros Semere


Mr. Brhanu Kahsay


11:00-11:25 Discussants Dr. Alganesh Tessama

Dr. Teklehaimanot Hailesilassie

Drs Gebremedhin Gebreselassie

11:25-12:30 Interactive discussion Participants
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-14:10 Strategic issues  and action plans on Medical Biotechnology for Tigray Goitom Gebremedhin  

Dr. Miesho Belay


Mr. Addisu Desalegn

Dr. Genet Gebreyohannes


Dr. Nurya Abdurahman


Mr. Mulubrhan Mekonnen

14:10-14:20 Strategic issues  and action plans on Industrial Biotechnology for Tigray Haftom Baraki
14:20-14:30 Strategic issues  and action plans on Environmental Biotechnology for Tigray Dr. Gebremeskel Mamo
14:30-14:55 Expert discussants Prof. Abebe Ataklti

Dr. Tesfamariam Berhe

Dr. Gebremeskel M

14:55-16:55 Interactive discussion Participants




Biotechnology thematic area 

8:30-8:40 Brief wrap up on what have been discussed on 29th July, 2019 Mr. Hagos Mohammedseid  

Dr. Girmay Hailu

Mr. Bruh Asmelash


Mr. Ashenafi Kiflu

8:40-8:50 White paper of the Strategic plan for the development of Bio-economy in Tigray (2020-2024) Dr. Alganesh Tessama


8:50-10:30 Identifying/Prioritizing Deliverables/Projects in all the sub-themes (Agricultural, Medical, Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology) for Tigray Participants
10:30-10:50 Health Break
10:50:11:10 Regional Biotechnology road maps Presentation: what has been done so far Mr. Micheale Yifter,

Mr. Goitom Gebremedhin,

Dr. Berihu Gebrekidan,

Dr. Getachew Hiruy

Dr. Gebremeskel Gebremariam



Mr. Bruh Asmelash


Mr. Etsay Mesele




11:10-11:50 Expert discussants Prof. Abebe Ataklti

Dr. Tesfamariam Berhe

Dr. Gebremeskel M

11:50-12:30 Interactive discussion Participants
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-15:45 Discussion on Ways forward Participants Dr. Beyene Dimtsu Mr. Ashenafi Teklay


Mr. Bruh Asmelash

15:45-16:00 Closing Remarks Professor Mitiku Haile  

Mr. Ashenafi Kiflu