How to Develop an Award Winning (Draft proposal Document)

Scholarship, Bursary and other Application Documents

(Workshop Concept Note_ Draft Version)

Mekelle, Tigrai, Ethiopia

Date: February

Venue: Planet Hotel

I. Background

Presently, the confluence of globalization, competitive environment and thus economic liberalization, rapid technical change as well as technological advancements has promoted both developed and developing countries to prioritize skill and effective human capital development for their economic competitiveness and realization of sustainable growth. Shortly, building an effective and productive human capital has become the top agenda and is proved to be the engine for knowledge-based overall prosperity and development of a given nation and society in the contemporary era. This in turn requires dedicated investments in higher education and thus in citizens. In the digital era, being well equipped with information and its proper usage presents to be one of the most effective means towards developing one’s future careers and capacities, i.e. academic, research, industry etc.

In this case, the internet affords various first-rate opportunities. However, the efficient and effective use of these available and emerging opportunities needs a proper usage and reliable information (to differentiate from fraud ones). Most of the available resources exist in their all-purpose (generic) forms, making them more difficult to exploit by those in need of them. The Global Society of Tigrai Scholars (GSTS) has been supporting hundreds, if not thousands, of youths during their application to scholarships, internships, conferences etc. Learned lessons on our previous engagements clearly shows that further work on creating more awareness and producing tailored documents is necessary by the applicants.

Recognizing the number of graduates/students in need of continuing their higher education abroad, ever-increasing rate of unemployment of graduates, and thus migration (including graduates), existing gaps on properly utilizing potential opportunities etc., the GSTS in collaboration with Tigrai based universities will carry out a tailored capacity-building workshop. This workshop will be dedicated to assisting graduates and students during their application for scholarships, short-term professional trainings, conferences/workshops, internships, summer schools, etc. Furthermore, the event will be a chance for effective professional networking and highlighting future envisioned engagements.

II. Objectives: The specific objectives of the workshop includes: