List of keynote speakers, invited speakers and Panelists is given below
Prof. A. Kadir, Nurhussen (USA)
Prof. Gebrehiwot, Kindeya (Ethiopia)
Dr. Abreha, Assefa (Italy/USA)
Prof. Woldehana, Tasew (Ethiopia)
Prof. Tesfaye, Solomon (UK)
Dr. Haile, Adhana (Ethiopia)
Prof. Kassa, Elias (Norway)
Dr. Taferre, Tesfachew (Switherland)
Dr. Hailemichael, Aklilu (Ethiopia)
Prof. Gebre-egziabher, Mulugeta (USA)
Memhr K/Mariam, Muluworki (Ethiopia)
Dr. Fiseha, Mulugeta (Ethiopia)
Prof. Abay, Fetien (Ethiopia)
Dr. Gebre-egziabher, Berhe (Italy)
Dr. Gebrekirstos, Aster (Germany)
Dr. Woldu, Habtu (USA)
Dr. Aregawi, Maru (Switherland)
Dr. Gebremedhin, Berhanu (Ethiopia)
Dr. Teklu, Daniel (Ethiopia)
Prof. Fitwi, Abrar (USA)
Dr. Gebreyesus, Mulu (Ethiopia)
Dr. Gebresilassie, Gebrekidan (Germany)
Mr. Asgedom, Desta (Ethiopia)
Dr. Berhane, Guush (Ethiopia)
Prof. Gebremichael, Mekonnen (USA)
Dr. Meles, Mebrahtu (Ethiopia)
Dr. Gebretsadik, Hiyab
Dr. Nega, Mulu (Ethiopia)
Dr. Bayray, Mulu (Ethiopia)
Dr. Balehegn, Mulubrhan (China)
Dr. Guesh, Kiros (Ethiopia)
Dr. Abraham, Solomon(USA)
Dr. Belay, Abraham (Ethiopia)
Prof. Amare, Desta (UK)
Dr. Berihun, Gebrekidan (Ethiopia)
Dr. Beyene, Tilahun (USA)
Prof. Haile, Mitiku (Ethiopia)
Dr. Idris, Ahmedin (Germany)
Dr. Mulugeta, Afeworki (Ethiopia)
Dr. Kiros, Yohannes (Sweden)
Dr. Sibhatu, Desta (Ethiopia)
Mr. Hadgu, Samson (Kenya)
Dr. Tesfai, Ghebrehiwot (Ethiopia)
Mr. Berhane, Weldie (Germany)
Dr. Araya, Kibrom (Denmark)
Dr. Berhe, Girma (Germany)
Dr. Adhana, Kelali (Ethiopia)
Prof. Tokuta, O Alade (USA)
Dr. Mebrahtu, Alem (Ethiopia)
Dr. Afera Berihu (Ethiopia)
Prof. Berhane, Kiros (USA)
Dr. Shishay, Welay (USA)
Dr. Aregawi, Goitom (Ethiopia)
Mr. Hadush, Alem (USA)
Mr. Zegeye, Leake (Ethiopia)
Dr. W/gebriel, Aregawi (Ethiopia)
Dr. Gebre-tensae, Hailay (Ethiopia)
Mrs. Raya, Hidiyat (USA)
Mrs. Berhanu, Nigsti (Sweden)
Dr. Amha Hailesilassie (sweden)
Dr. Abraha, Kinfe (Ethiopia)
Dr. Gebresilassie, Tsegay (Ethiopia)
Mr. Gidey, Fisseha (Cameroon)
Mrs. Reda, Hansa (Japan/Ethiopia)
Mr. Gerechaal, Tewele (Sweden)
Mr. Abadi, Berhanu (Ethiopia)
Mr. Berhane, Daniel (Ethiopia)
Mr.Desta, Abraha (Ethiopia)
Mr. Yohannes, Mehari (Ethiopia)
Mr. Gebremedhin, B. Fitsum (Ethiopia)

List of keynote speakers, invited speakers and Panelists
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3 thoughts on “List of keynote speakers, invited speakers and Panelists

  • July 12, 2018 at 1:08 am


  • July 12, 2018 at 5:08 am

    It is very interesting combination and many peoples are eagerly waiting.i expect many sustainable strategic direction for the region as well the country.

  • July 12, 2018 at 9:29 pm

    Can u please tell us, where we can follow all the discussions and talks. Am not in Ethiopia currently, but i don’t want to miss out.
    Its a really, brilliant start well done! Please document it..we all need to watch and learn from it.


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