1.       Agriculture, Livestock, Food Security and Poverty Reduction

2.       Landscape Restoration, Natural Resources and Management, Environmental protection and climate adaptation

3.       Energy and Energy Security

4.       Gender, Youth Development and Vulnerable

5.       Geo-information, Earth Observatory Transformation, Water Resources development and management

6.       Transport, Urban and Regional Planning and Development

7.        Manufacturing, Industrialization, and Mineral Resources/ Business Development, Investment, Financing and Entrepreneurship

8.       Health Care (Services, Education, Technology etc.)

9.        Education, Quality Assurance, Human and Knowledge Development/Management

10.    ICT and Digital Transformation

11.   History, Cultural Heritages, and Languages

12.   Tourism Development, Branding and Management/Culture and Heritages

13.   Leadership, Governance, Peace, Security and Justice

14.   Communications (Media) and Society Transformation

15. Science – Technology literacy in Society and Gifted talents