• Prof. Mitiku Haile (Ethiopia)
  • Prof. Mulugeta G/her (USA)
  • Dr. Girma Berhe (Germany)
  • Dr. Fisese Haftetsion (Ethiopia)
  • Dr. Mehari Tadele (Djoubti)
  • Dr. Yemane W. Desta (USA)
  • Dr. Hiyab Gebretsadik (Ethiopia)
  • Dr. Mulubrhan Balehegn (China)
  • Dr. Ftwi Yohannes (Malasia)
  • Dr. Ghelawadyos Araya (USA)
  • Dr. Aregawi W/Gebriel (Ethiopia)
  • Dr. Kiros Guesh (Ethiopia)
  • Dr. Engida Hagos (USA)
  • Dr. Berhe G/her (Italy)
  • Dr. Shishay Welay (USA)
  • Dr. Yohannes Kiros (Sweden)
  • Dr. Ghebrehiwot Tesfai (Ethiopia)
  • Dr. Hailay Gebretensae (Ethiopia)
  • Dr. Fasil Tadesse (Ethiopia)
  • Dr. Hailu Hagos (UK)
  • Dr. Atsbaha G/her (India)
  • Dr. Abadi Gebre (South Africa)
  • Mr. Alem Hadush (USA)
  • Mr. Amanuel Abraha (Denmark)
  • Mr. Yemane Nagish (Kenya)
  • Mr. Gebresilassie G/Tsadik (Australia)
  • Mr. Berhane Gebru (USA)
  • Mr. Ezana Haile (UK)
  • Mr. Aklil Zenebe (Ethiopia)
  • Mr. Dawit Fitsum (Ethiopia)
  • Mr. Alebel Bayru (Ethiopia)
  • Mr. Tewele Gerechaal (Sweden)
  • Mr. Kinfe Tsegay (Ethiopia)
  • Mr. Gidey Desta (Ethiopia)
Accepted Papers for Oral Presentation

One thought on “Accepted Papers for Oral Presentation

  • July 5, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    Dear organizers!!

    This is Atsbha Gebreegziabher from Mekelle University. Thank you for sharing us the notification timely. However, I need your further help. I have sent you 6 abstracts and I am not sure which one is selected fro the oral presentation in the coming Grand Conference. Would you let me know this as soon as posible please? Thank you again!!!


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