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Global Society for Tigrean Scholars is pleased to invite you to submit abstracts of research paper for the Tigrai Grand Conference 2018 to be held in Mekelle. Please read the details and submit your paper.

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Will joined by 2,000 researchers

About GSTS

Global Society of Tigrean Scholars (GSTS) formerly Tigria Scientific and Academic Network (TSAN) was established in 2010 in an online conference held in the presence of participants from all continents (Europe, Africa, N.America, Australia, Asia, and The Middle East). Since.


Enhancing scientific and professional exchange of experiences among the members, educational institutions, scientific and technological societies, industries. Providing scientific and professional consultation for undergraduate, post graduate & doctoral students both inside and outside Ethiopia..


Organizing educational trips, scientific and capacity building trainings, scientific seminars and academic competitions to the scientific and academic community of Tigray. Tigreans Scientific and Academic Network (TSAN) is a nonpartisan international network of the scientific and academic community of Tigreans which aspires to.

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Scholarship and career workshops

the confluence of globalization, competitive environment and thus economic liberalization, rapid technical change as well as technological advancements has promoted both developed and developing countries to prioritize skill and effective human capital development for their economic competitiveness and realization of sustainable growth. GSTS in collaboration with Tigrai based universities will carry out a tailored capacity-building workshop. This workshop will be dedicated to assisting graduates and students during their application for scholarships, short-term professional trainings, conferences/workshops, internships, summer schools

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We can Transform Tigray

The Tigrai Grand Conference is different from the other conferences as it serves as a highly informal platform for intellectual exchanges on all issues including issues considered ‘taboo’ and ‘strategic’..It has strong focus on strategic foresight and actionable solutions to problems the Tigrai and Tigreans face. The structure of the Tigrai Grand Conference is designed in a such manner that incumbent leaders of the public, political parties and private sector are encouraged to listen more than they speak. All participants, including heads of the regional state, bureau heads, political leaders would attend and participate as intellectuals not as functionaries and officials. GSTS conducted two successful Tigrai Grand Conference in 2018 and 2019.

Summer tutorial programs for 3600+ students

In 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 G.C,  Mekelle university in collaboration with GSTS, DoT Ethiopia and Regional Educational bureau of Tigray delivered a very successful summer Tutoring-Mentoring program for more than 3600 grade 10th and 12th students, who were selected from Tigray high schools based on 70:30 current curriculum strategy. The program was completely owned and run by Mekelle University starting from 2017 GC. It selects the top scoring high school students taking national exam at grade 10 and 12 to increase their understanding in science and technology and help prepare them to achieve excellent results and join university. These excellent students are then expected to help students in their respective schools and neighborhoods. Our continuous assessment of the program shows the tutorial programs are bringing up the much needed change in improving the student’s results and their understanding of the essence of education in general and of science in particular. There is a plan and trials to expand the program to Adigrat University (ADU) and Axum University (AXU).

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